Lisa Giddy: Survey of Memphis IX *PREORDER*

Lisa Giddy: Survey of Memphis IX *PREORDER*

Lisa Giddy:
The Survey of Memphis IX. Kom Rabi'a: the objects from the late Middle Kingdom installations (levels VI-VIII)

This ninth volume in the ‘Survey of Memphis’ series presents over twelve hundred objects found during the EES excavations at the site of Kom Rabi‘a from 1986 to 1990, when late Middle Kingdom installations were excavated. The objects were recovered from a series of occupation levels in the installations and date from the late Middle Kingdom period and its immediate aftermath at Memphis. The volume complements the site report describing the excavations (SoM VI); it is also the sister volume to that presenting the New Kingdom and Post-New Kingdom objects from Kom Rabi‘a (SoM II). It completes the publication of a sequence of objects that spans many centuries of the ‘life’ of one sector of Memphis, from the late Middle Kingdom through the New Kingdom dynasties and into the Third Intermediate Period.

Author: Lisa Giddy has worked extensively on archaeological excavations and surveys throughout Egypt since 1977, including those at Saqqara, Memphis, Thebes and the Western Oases. Her publications include The Egyptian Oases; The Anubieion at Saqqâra II: The Cemeteries; Kom Rabi‘a: the New Kingdom and Post-New Kingdom Objects (SoM II) and Kom Rabi‘a: the late Middle Kingdom (levels VI-VIII) (SoM VI). She directed excavations of the late Middle Kingdom installations at Kom Rabi‘a, which provided the objects for the present publication.

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Estimated publication date: February-March 2017

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