J. Rowland: Quesna I *PREORDER*

J. Rowland: Quesna I *PREORDER*

Quesna I: Investigations in the Ptolemaic-Roman Cemetery, 2006-2013

Joanne Rowland,
with Valentina Gasperini, Scott Haddow, Sarah Inskip, Lawrence Owens and Sonia Zakrzewski

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Since 2006 investigations have been carried out in the Quesna necropolis by the team of the EES Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey. ‘Quesna I’ concerns the first element of work now completed, the investigations in the Ptolemaic-Roman cemetery (2007-2013). In 2006 the extent of the cemetery (in so far as it survives until today) was delimited using magnetic survey, the results of which are included in the introductory section to this volume. The volume opens with a general description of the whole site, including brief detail on all areas of investigation carried out and still ongoing, before proceeding to the main catalogue which includes information on each of the burials excavated and analysed. This includes bioanthropological data as well as information relating to the graves and documentation of the rare occurrences of grave goods. This is followed by a synthesis of the demographic data, evaluating the population both within the site at Quesna and within the wider Egyptian and Mediterranean world. A number of the burials have been found within a range of ceramic, mud, fired-brick and wooden coffins, all of which will be described within a specific chapter. The catalogue of ceramic finds relating to the cemetery is also presented. This monograph will form the first of those to be published in relation to the work of the Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey.

Estimated publication date: May - June 2016

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