Colin Hope: Survey of Memphis X

Colin Hope: Survey of Memphis X

Colin A. Hope:
The Survey of Memphis X. Kom Rabia: The Blue-Painted Pottery

This volume presents the blue-painted pottery from the EES excavations at Kom Rabia, one of the few specific site collections that spans the entire period of manufacture of this distinctive type of ceramics. All of the fragments studied by the author are presented within their find contexts arranged according to the main chronological phases into which activity at the site can be divided. Despite the fragmentary nature of the material, which does not permit a detailed discussion of its morphological evolution, it does enable a comparison of the decorative motifs with material from other major sites such as Amarna, Karnak, Malkata and Qantir. From this, it is possible to assess whether there was a Memphite production centre and how the Kom Rabia assemblage compares qualitatively and quantitatively to the others. The volume presents the first comprehensive multi-site listing of the decorative motifs.

Author: Colin A. Hope is an Associate Professor at Monash University and Director of its Centre for Ancient Cultures where he teaches Egyptology. He is a Principal Investigator on the Dakhleh Oasis Project, co-ordinating the study of the ceramics ranging in date from the sixth millennium BCE to the Mamluk Period, and directs the excavations at Ismant al-Kharab and Mut al-Kharab. Since 1973, he has undertaken research into the blue-painted pottery of the New Kingdom and studied the large collections from the early excavations at Amarna and those from Karnak North, Malkata and Kom Rabia, plus many other smaller ones.

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