Patricia Spencer: Amara West III

Patricia Spencer: Amara West III

Patricia Spencer:
Amara West III: The Scenes and Texts of the Ramesside Temple

This volume publishes the scenes and texts of the Ramesside Temple at Amara West in Sudan. It was excavated by an EES expedition during the 1938-39 season, followed by the excavation of the West Gate between 1947 and 1949. The main decoration dates to the reign of Ramesses II, although most of his Twentieth Dynasty successors are also attested in added texts and scenes. Of particular interest are those that feature Ramesside viceroys of Kush, some of whom are known only from their depictions in this temple.

Softcover, 44 pages + 206 b/w plates.

Author: Dr Patricia Spencer studied Egyptology at Liverpool University with Prof H. W. Fairman, who directed the excavations at Amara West in 1938-39 and who was largely responsible for the recording of its scenes and texts. She has previously published the architectural report on the excavation of the Amara West Temple and town (EES Excavation Memoir 63, 1997) and the limited work in the cemeteries and on the pottery corpus (EES Excavation Memoir 69, 2002). Dr Spencer was employed by the EES for almost 30 years and retired as its Directors in 2011. She was Editor of the Society's magazine Egyptian Archaeology from 1996 to 2014 and for many years has participated annually in fieldwork in Egypt for the British Museum and, most recently, the EES Delta Survey.

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