P.T. Nicholson: Working in Memphis

P.T. Nicholson: Working in Memphis

Nicholson, P.T. Working in Memphis: The production of faience at Roman Period Kom Helul. Excavation Memoir 105. ISBN 978-085698210-1

This book reports on the excavation of a faience kiln at Kom Helul, Memphis. The kiln is of the early Roman Period and appears to be of the same type as those excavated by Flinders Petrie in the early twentieth century. The book attempts to place Petrie's finds in their archaeological context and to reinterpret his evidence in the light of findings from the new excavation. In so doing, a new outline of the chaine operatoire of faience production during the Roman Period is proposed and its relationship to the making of pre-Roman faience is discussed. The book includes an illustrated catalogue of finds.


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