J. Faiers: Late Roman Glassware and Pottery from Amarna

J. Faiers: Late Roman Glassware and Pottery from Amarna

Faiers, J. 2013. Late Roman Glassware and Pottery from Amarna and Related Studies. Excavation Memoir 102.

This is the second volume on the monastic site of Kom el-Nana at Tell el-Amarna and brings up-to-date the excavations carried out there. The first volume contained mainly unstratified pottery and no glass, and included some of the Late Roman sites around Amarna. This volume brings together the stratified pottery and both stratified and unstratifued glass and includes more Late Roman site around Amarna which were visited by Robert Miller in 1988 and Barry Kemp in 1995. Due to the incomplete nature of the excavations at present (only around a third of the monastery has so far been excavated) and the time elapsed since abandonment, the conclusions reached on the dating of the site may well have to be revised in future. In the meantime, the collections of pottery and glass will, hopefully, prove useful for those working in the Middle East and especially in Egypt.


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